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Where can children turn when they have suffered abuse?  How can they begin to deal with the emotional, physical, and legal repercussions of their traumatic experience?  In Mississippi, these children can turn to local Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) which operate under the umbrella of Children's Advocacy Center of Mississippi (CACM).  Sally Kate Winters Family Services is a liscenced CAC and offers therapeutic care for victimized children.

Prior to the advent of Children's Advocacy Centers, abused children faced a maze of entities in reporting the abuse and getting appropriate therapeutic care.  Families often faced frustration with the system and withdrew from the process of getting justice, resulting in no conviction for the perpetrator and no healing for the child.

Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi has revolutionized the manner in which child abuse is reported and prosecuted.  Our local CACs utilize multidisciplinary teams that bring all the entities involved in a child abuse case under one roof.  This includes: Law Enforcement; Child Protection; Prosecution; Mental and/or Medical Health; Advocacy Services, who work together to make decisions about the complete management of child abuse cases.

At Sally Kate Winters, a child can relate the experience one time, in one place, rather than being shuttled between doctors, police, counselors, and child advocates.  We provide a home-like, child friendly setting in which a child can feel safe telling what has happened to him or her.  Our multidisciplinary teams are made up of trained professionals whose primary goal is to reduce the burden of children and help faciilitate their recovery. 

CACM and Sally Kate Winters is proud to be a part of improving the process of child abuse investigations in Mississippi.  We assist in every way possible to bring about a sensitive investigation for the child and an efficient prosecution of the abuser.